Legacy of QUALITY.

Tradition of TRUST,

being the basics of today's ANAND BANDAGES,

Founded on 22nd May, 1966 by its visionary Late Sri L.N.Sharma, a great scholar of his time in this small village in Uttar Pradesh. He being a celebrity for locals and a soul who would listen to, and care for one and all.

It so began as 'giving back to the society, under the topic of healthcare, simply with a 'handloom cloth' for producing 'clean bandages' caring people's health, concerning QUALITY to dominate our production line of bandages and Gauze cloth which paved ways for ANAND BANDAGES.

The mantle was then borne and is still today headed by his only son, Sri C.L.Sharma donning upon himself many extensive sales visits, state to state, creating field associates along. He nurtured such moves with all what required and founded our brand impact: the logo denoting our 'ANAND BANDAGES'.